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It costs to “be fixed”.  Emotional and spiritual growth demands practical service.  For as soon as one receives life, he must be giving the same away.


We are called to restore Faith to those who have lost it. Hope to those who need it. And Love to a world without it.

Please join me on this journey to fulfillment. You won't regret it.

Signed, Jim Medearis


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C. J. “Jim” Medearis is a businessman, conference speaker, counselor, and author/writer. Jim has been involved in public service for fifty years; first with youth, later with college campus for six years and practicing psychology since 1972, with twenty years in private practice. He was Regional Sales Manager and a Lead Pastor for twenty years.

Jim studied for his BA at Bethany College. He also received his TH.M, TH.D, PH.D, and D.D. from International Seminary. His licenses include real estate, private pilot and general contractor in several states.

Medearis states his most rewarding professional experiences have involved playing a direct role in bringing about dramatic changes in lives. People are able to relate to the stories of those whose lives are being changed. What differentiates Dr. Medearis is his dedication to blending the emotional and physical aspects of life with the principles of Jesus. He sees himself as part of a team that cares for people.


eBooks by Jim Medearis
"HELP, I am against the wall with a messy life. I REALLY NEED HOPE"
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Don't Waste Your Pain by Jim Medearis

"Don't Waste Your Pain"

Bad things happen. Everybody gets hurt. We all have painful experiences that we would rather not remember. But you can be set free now.

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Man of Respect by Jim Medearis

"Man of Respect"

A man’s physical strength is for providing and protecting; not for control or abuse. It is abuse to try to control another human being; However, you can direct and influence another person effectively, if you are emotionally mature.

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To be a Man of Respect by Jim Medearis

"To be a Man of Respect"

Every man was created with a destiny. When he begins to find his “life’s purpose” he will begin to experience fulfillment.

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The Joshua Model by Jim Medearis

"The Joshua Model"

The Joshua Model is an overlooked approach on people skills, leadership in business, home, family and church groups, including insights on "people skills".

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The Joshua Model Style 2 by Jim Medearis

"Joshua Model Style #2"

This ebook is an ongoing bio of Joshua. Joshua was mentored by Moses, enabling him to become a model for others.

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Shades of Gray by Jim Medearis

"Shades of Gray"

If you see reality as shades of gray, you will never live life to your fullest potential. If you want to live—really live—you must uncover the lies and trade them in for Truth.

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Photo of Jim MedearisI consider Hope to be one of the most important things that every person needs. It ranks with Food, Shelter and Clothing among the greatest of necessities.

It is my passionate desire to bring substantial reasons for hope and encouragement to people who need it. In my counseling practice, I help people every week; but only one person at a time. By far, my most effective tool for bringing encouragement to those who need it is this web site.




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